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Dr.Sarawut Ninsawat
Assistant Professor

Doctor of Creative Cities, Osaka City University, Japan

SpecializationWebGIS, OGC Web Services & Specifications, SensorWeb

Email: sarawutn@ait.ac.th
Phone: +66-2-524 6406
Office: W233 Academic Building
Dr.Nitin Kumar Tripathi

Director, UNIGIS@AIT Centre
Director-Special Degree Program
Ph.D. in Remote Sensing, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Specialization: Application of GIS in Health and Environment, RFID and Location Based interests and other academic activities which carrying out in current Services

Email: nitinkt@ait.ac.th
Phone: +66-2-524 6392
Office: W243 Academic Building

Dr.Salvatore G.P. Virdis
 Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Siena, Italy

Specialization: My formal background is in Applied Geological Sciences and Remote Sensing. My recent and current research interest center upon Geo-Information and Earth Observation Science to assess and evaluate past, present and future changes of anthropogenic origin as well as their effects on natural and non-natural physical/human environment. For my research I combine and integrate a range of field-based, remote/proximal sensing techniques and advanced geospatial modelling. I look at natural and non-natural processes from the field- to the landscape-scale and on a variety of timescales, ranging from seasonal to decadal processes. Moreover, I certainly like to understand the dynamics of physical landscapes without neglecting the social and human dimension of geographical problems.

Email: virdis@ait.asia
Phone: +66-2-524 6196
Office: W205A, Academic Building

Dr.Kiyoshi Honda

D. Eng., University of Tokyo, Japan

Specialization: Image Processing, Erosion control, Terrain modeling

Email: honda@ait.ac.th
Phone: +66-2-524 6149 6407
Office: W219, Academic Building

Dr.Masahiko Nagai
Visiting Faculty

D. Eng., University of Tokyo, Japan

Specialization: Spatial Information Engineering, Remote Sensing, GIS, Image Processing, Mobile Mapping Ontology, Data Interoperability, Environmental Information Science

Email: nagaim@ait.ac.th
Phone: +66-2-524 6149
Office: W215 Academic Building

Dr. Apichon Witayangkurn
Visiting Faculty

Project Assistant Professor, Center of Spatial Information Science, U-Tokyo
D.Eng., Spatial Information, Shibasaki-lab, U-Tokyo

Specialization: Large-Scale Spatial Data Processing/Mining, Trajectory data processing (GPS, CDR), Mobile Computing, Human Activity and Behavior Analysis,Parallel Processing, Cloud Computing Platform, HADOOP,Sensor Network (OGC, SWE), Real-time monitoring system,Sensor-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Email: apichon@ait.asia
Phone: +66-2-524 6393
Office: W223 Academic Building

Prof. Tai Nakamura
Visiting Faculty

Ph.D. Aerospace, University of Tokyo, Japan

Specialization: Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics , Physics, Space Environment Utilization

Email: nakamura-tai@ait.asia
Phone: +66-2-524 5592
Office: W213 Academic Building

Dr. Hiroyuki Miyazaki
Visiting Faculty

Project Assistant Professor, Center of Spatial Information Science, U-Tokyo
Ph.D., The University of Tokyo, Japan

Specialization: GIS, Satellite remote sensing, Positioning technology, mobile phone technology, energy, environment, disaster management, urban infrastructure, public health

Email: miyazaki@ait.asia
Phone: +66-2-524 6394
Office: W221 Academic Building

Prof. Ryosuke SHIBASAKI
Visiting Professor

Director, Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo
D.Eng., University of Tokyo, Japan

Specialization: Spatial Information, mobile phones, GPS, sensors, satellite imagery to observe and measure people, entities, phenomena in our urban / rural regions

Email: shiba@skl.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Phone: +66-2-524 5577
Office: W223 Academic Building

Dr.Marc Souris
Visiting Professor

Ph.D. Université de La Rochelle, France

Specialization: Computational geometry and algorithms, GIS development, Spatial analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing for Epidemiology

Email: souris@ird.fr
Phone: +66-2-524 5583
Office: W237 Academic Building


Dr. Shiro Ochi
Visiting Scientist 

Ph.D. in Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

Specialization: Remote Sensing and GIS Application

Email: ochi@ait.asia
Phone: +66-2-524 5599
Office: GIC Building


Dr. Surat Lertlum
Adjunct Faculty

Doctor of Technical Science in Computer Science, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Specialization: RS Computing

Email: surat@ait.ac.th
Phone: +66-2-524 5593
Office: W241 Academic Building

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